Monday, October 7, 2019

Famous Adityapur Durga Puja Pandal 2019

The Jairam Youth Sporting Club Puja Committee at Adityapur – 1 Old M Type has always been in the news because of the rush of devotees and pandal hoppers making it a ‘must visit’ itinerary to visit its Puja Pandal every year because of the mesmerizing and theme based décor. Last year the theme was Jungles of Africa in which sustenance and culture of jungle inhabiting African tribal life was depicted. This year the message of discarding plastic use and making the environment cleaner is put across loud and clear. The Jairam Youth Sporting Club Pandal was jointly inaugurated by former Jharkhand Chief Minister Madhu Koda and Singhbhum parliamentarian Geeta Koda. In his inaugural address, Madhu Koda observed, “I appeal to all the people to discard the use of plastic as it is a killer. It is polluting the environment and is affecting lives in all forms. It has become a primary need to save all forms of life from the draconian effects of plastic on the environment.” While complementing chief patron Arvind Kumar Singh for organizing Durga Puja with strong social messages, parliamentarian Geeta Koda said, “This pandal provides a message of ensuring cleanliness in and around every locality. Jairam Youth Sporting Club Durga Puja Committee sends out social messages each year through its theme based pandals.” Presiding the inaugural function, chief patron and former Ichagarh legislator Arvind Kumar Singh stated that this year the pandal theme was based on the ill effects of plastic use. The pandal sends out the message of a plastic free, clean environment. He said that the eye catching décor of the pandal projected how the demon in plastic use was engulfing planet earth. “It is through the intrinsically conceptualized and artistically executed pandal design that the Club has urged people to say good bye to plastic use,” stated Arvind Kumar Singh emphatically. The other special guests invited at the inaugural function included Sanjay Pandey, Chhotray Kisku, RK Sinha, UK Srivastav and Manoj Singh. The proceedings were anchored by Uday Chandravanshi. The vote of thanks was offered by Jagdish Narayan Chaubey. Immediately after the inauguration huge crowds poured into the pandal and were absorbed by the artwork depictions that made the Jairam Youth Sporting Club Durga Puja Pandal a standout feature every year.

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