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How can Consumers register online their grievances in Consumer Portal India

Steps - How To Register a Online Consumer Grievance

1.                How to get User ID and Password

For registering complaints online through the portal, user needs a one time registration to obtain userid and password.  For the purpose, after entering the url address, click on the New Consumer Signup link on the right side of the screen as shown below:-

On Clicking the "Sign Up Here" link, the User Registration Page opens as below:-

The Mandatory information given in Red Astrerix are to be filled in and after clicking the ‘Accept Terms and Conditions’, user registration is completed and a popup appears as below:-

User needs to open his / her registered email id (which will be his / her login id) and verify the email received as below:-
Dear ………..,

Please Click Here for verifying your registration for activating your account.

After verifying the above link, Registration is complete.

2.                How to Change Password ?

Password can be changed through the Change Password Button after logging in.  If password is forgotten, you can reset by clicking the Forgot Password link below the login button in the first screen.

3.                How to Register a Complaint?

Enter userid and password in the login Page as below:

Enter your email id and the Password you set while registering and fill the captcha.  You will be taken to the page as below:-

If you are looking for some information only, select Enquiry radio button else select the default Complaint Button.
Select the State from where you have purchased, Select Industry from the Combo Box, Select Category from the Combo Box
Fill up complaint details and upload scanned copy of supporting documents if any in .JPEG, .PNG, .PDF or .Doc format
Press Submit Button.    A pop up appears with Docket No. for your complaint.

4.            How to Track the Status of Complaint?

Status of all complaints are trackable through the link provided on the left of your screen after logging into your account under complaint History

If a problem has been resolved, user can close the complaint by clicking the take action button and submitting. Status can also be tracked without logging in by providing the docket number under the link track complaint

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