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Microsoft Certifications : MCTS Certifications

MCTS Certifications

To earn each MCTS certification, you must pass the corresponding exam(s).

Exchange Server
CertificationExam number
MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2007, Configuration
MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010, Configuration

Lync Server and Office Communications Server
CertificationExam number
MCTS: Microsoft Lync Server 2010, Configuration
MCTS: Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007, Configuration

Project and Project Server
CertificationExam number
MCTS: Microsoft Project Server 2010, Configuration
MCTS: Enterprise Project Management with Microsoft Office Project Server 2007
MCTS: Microsoft Office Project 2007, Managing Projects
MCTS: Microsoft Office Project Server 2007, Configuration

SharePoint and SharePoint Server
CertificationExam number
MCTS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Configuration
MCTS: Microsoft SharePoint 2010, Application Development
MCTS: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Configuration
MCTS: Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, Application Development

SQL Server
CertificationExam number
MCTS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Business Intelligence Development and Maintenance
MCTS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Database Development
MCTS: Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Implementation and Maintenance

System Center
CertificationExam number
MCTS: Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2007, Configuration
MCTS: Microsoft System Center Operations Manager 2007, Configuration
MCTS: Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008, Configuration
MCTS: System Center Data Protection Manager 2007, Configuration
1This exam retires on September 30, 2011.

CertificationExam number
MCTS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Server Virtualization
MCTS: Windows Server 2008 R2, Desktop Virtualization
MCTS: Windows Server Virtualization, Configuration
1This exam retires on September 30, 2011.

Visual Studio
CertificationExam number
MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Windows Applications
MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Web Applications
MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Service Communication Applications
MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 4, Data Access
MCTS: Microsoft Silverlight 4, Development
MCTS: Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2010, Administration
MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 ADO.NET ApplicationsExam 70-536
Exam 70-561
MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 ASP.NET, ApplicationsExam 70-536
Exam 70-562
MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Communication Foundation ApplicationsExam 70-536
Exam 70-503
MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 Windows Forms ApplicationsExam 70-536
Exam 70-505
MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Presentation Foundation ApplicationsExam 70-536
Exam 70-502
MCTS: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5, Windows Workflow Foundation ApplicationsExam 70-536
Exam 70-504
Note If multiple exams are required, you can take them in any order.

Windows Client
CertificationExam number
MCTS: Windows 7, Configuration
MCTS: Windows 7 and Microsoft Office 2010, Deployment
MCTS: Windows Vista, Configuration

Windows Embedded
CertificationExam number
MCTS: Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0, Development
MCTS: Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 2009, Development
MCTS: Microsoft Windows Embedded Standard 7, Development
MCTS: Windows Embedded Compact 7

Windows Mobile
CertificationExam number
MCTS: Windows Mobile 6.5, Application Development
MCTS: Windows Mobile 6.5, Configuration
1This exam retires on June 30, 2012.

Windows Server
CertificationExam number
MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Active Directory, Configuration
MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Network Infrastructure, Configuration
MCTS: Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure, Configuration
MCTS: Windows Small Business Server 2011 Standard, Configuration
MCTS: Windows Small Business Server 2008, Configuration
MCTS: Windows Essential Business Server 2008, Configuration
MCTS: Windows Internals
MCTS: Windows HPC Server 2008, Development

Other technologies
CertificationExam number
MCTS on Microsoft Dynamics
MCTS: Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010
MCTS: Volume Licensing Specialist, Large Organizations
MCTS: Volume Licensing Specialist, Small and Medium Organizations
MCTS: Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack, Configuration
MCTS: Microsoft Forefront Endpoint and Application Protection, Configuration
MCTS: Microsoft Bing Maps Platform, Application Development
MCTS: Microsoft Office Visio 2007, Application Development
1This exam retires on December 31, 2011.

Know Your EPF ( Employee Provident Fund) Balance - India

Know Your EPF ( Employee Provident Fund) Balance

1. Go to Employees' Provident Fund Organisation , India site : http://www.epfindia.com/
2. Click on the link Know your EPF Balance link in Home Page.

Know Your EPF Balance
Know Your EPF Balance link is highlighted

3. Select State where your PF account exists in Member Information Balance Page

Know Your EPF Balance - Select State
Know Your EPF Balance - Select State

4. Select the EPFO office by clicking on link in Office Name column.
Know Your EPF Balance - Select your EPFO office
Know Your EPF Balance - Select your EPFO office

5. Enter PF Account Number , Name and Mobile Number in Member Information page and click on Submit button.
Know Your EPF Balance - Enter PF Account No , Name and Mobile No
Know Your EPF Balance - Enter PF Account No , Name and Mobile No

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Master Chef India 2 Episode - 19-Nov-2011

Master Chef India 2 Episode on 19-Nov-11 had a guest appearance by Harbhajan Singh. Harbhajan Singh had given Master Chef India contestants 20-20 chanllenge. Contestants were divided into groups of two contestants :

  1. Rajendra Narayan & Shipra Khanna
  2. Puneet Mehta & Rajat Nagpal
  3. Jyoti Arora & Joseph Rozario
  4. Salma Shazia Fatima & Shazad Variava
  5. Vijaylaxmi & Dolcee Partik

Rajendra Narayan & Shipra Khanna  Prepared Shades of life desert. Vijaylaxmi & Dolcee Partik prepared Black Pitch pudding. Salma Shazia Fatima & Shazad Variava had prepared desert called Duniya ka Sakoon. Puneet Mehta & Rajat Nagpal prepared Star Trophy.

Salma Shazia Fatima & Shazad Variava got flavour-e-azam batch.

Out of five teams , two of teams were made safe :
  1. Salma Shazia Fatima & Shazad Variava
  2. Rajendra Narayan & Shipra Khanna


Saturday, November 12, 2011

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Vijaylaxmi

Age: 35
City: Delhi
Occupation: Administrator
Proficiency: Veg & Non-Veg
Vijaylaxmi is a good amalgamation of the north and south. Being a south Indian, she is based in Delhi and has had the best of both worlds. A divorced, single parent, Vijaylaxmi is a confident woman, who wants to be independent and keep her past behind her and embrace her love for food as her profession. 35 year old Vijaylaxmi currently works as an admin in a real estate firm and has worked as a cook in a diplomats’ home.

She loves cooking and has prepared many international cuisines as a cook. She loves Indian food the best, and propagates the same on the show. Her inkling is towards baking mostly, with her forte being cakes. She has learned the basics of cooking from her father-in-law. “MasterChef is a platform for people like us who want to do loads in life but never get a chance. Due to burdens in life, we are forced to work for a living and have to forget our passion. Thankfully I have got this opportunity and will make the best of it.”

She is quite knowledgeable about food and does not shy away from experimenting. She is confident at techniques and handling spices. Her dream is to be a chef and open a restaurant or a coffee shop.

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Shipra Khanna

Shipra Khanna
Age: 29
City: Shimla
Occupation: Housewife
Proficiency: Veg & Non-Veg

Though she had been cooking since she was 9, Shipra really began inventing dishes only post her marriage. While going through a crisis in life as she is separated and has applied for a divorce, Shipra believes MasterChef is her second chance in life to fight for her kids and get them back. They are currently with her husband.

“Food is a stress buster for me and takes me away from all my problems. I have cried over real issues and cooking issues as well. I simply love cooking.” It was at her mother’s behest that she auditioned for MasterChef during her depression. She was nervous and anxious during the bootcamp but when she began passing each stage, her morale was boosted. Chef Kunal saluted her for her creativity and concept during the bootcamp as he called her dish the Best Indian Dessert he has tasted in his life. “He advised me to patent my dish and said he would like to add it in his restaurant menu. It was a huge moment in my life.” Totally confident now, she is raring to go and prove her talent to the world.

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Shahzad Variava

Shahzad Variava
Age: 26
City: Mumbai
Occupation: HR
Proficiency: Veg & Non-Veg

Shahzad began cooking as a kid because he didn’t have an option but to feed himself. Soon he found joy in cooking. A man of many passions, he works as HR in Pan India foods, loves dancing in Shiamak's troupe, jogging and swimming. He likes cooking Chinese and Italian and wants to open his own bakery. His cooking relies heavily on baking as Shahzad thinks about bakery and bakery alone. His specialty is Ferrero Rocher Brownies as well as snickers brownies.

This determined Parsi lost the chance to be part of MasterChef last year as he couldn’t speak Hindi. He learnt the language and tried once again this year and is now in the top 12. This 26 year old is persistent because he is in search of his identity. The youngest in the house, he wants to make a name of his own as women are given preference in his house over men. “I can’t explain it but while inventing dishes I don’t delve too much on the pros and cons. I simply mix and match two items and serve it and thankfully they work well.”

He is very confident about his abilities though he feels the bar has been raised this season.

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Salma Shazia Fathima

Salma Shazia Fathima
Age: 34
City: Bengaluru
Occupation: Teacher
Proficiency: Veg and Non-Veg
Articulate and confident, 34 year old Shazia is a home maker and actively involved in her husband’s business. He runs schools in Bangalore and she manages the administration, and also provides education for under privileged kids.

Passionate about food, cooking for her is a peaceful experience and that’s why she really enjoys it. Since she got married at the age of 18, she has beencooking and has learnt most of it from her mother-in-law. Shazia hasn’t hadany training but read books, and watched cookery shows to develop her culinaryskills. “I love cooking so much that I even dream about recipes,” she grins. She is a confident woman, who knows what she wants and makes no compromises onher way to achieve her dream. A progressive, talented Muslim woman, Shazia hasthe support of her entire family for being on MasterChef. “With the backgroundthat I come from, it is a big deal to be on a TV show and I have to say myfamily has been with me 100% which is why I am here today.”

According to her she performs well under pressure. She claims to smile through all situations. She intends to teach cooking to under-privileged women in rural Karnataka.

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Rajendra Narayan Mane

Rajendra Narayan Mane
Age: 26
City: Mumbai
Occupation: Cook, Insurance Advisor
Proficiency: Veg & Non-Veg

Mumbai-based 26 year old Rajendra got hooked to cooking while staying with his sister. He enjoyed it a lot and ended up with a job at a restaurant. He hasn’t done a professional training in catering but learnt cooking skills through his various jobs in different restaurants. Having worked at Tote and Indigo restaurants, this chota packet has learnt things the hard way in life and wants to show his passion to the world.

“I am quick at my work and that’s why people call me a cooking machine. I am inspired by Chef Vikas who became a big name in this business.” He is very popular in his neighbourhood Ulhasnagar where he is popularly known as Raju Cook. Very confident of his art, he knows he has a lot to learn. He satisfied his hunger for knowledge and various cuisines by reading loads of cookery books. “I used to try various dishes in my restaurant which were practice for me for MasterChef.” He is a well experienced cook who wants to become a chef, and invent new dishes. He dreams to own a restaurant and be his master.

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Rajat Nagpal

Rajat Nagpal
Age: 32
City: Mumbai
Occupation: Ad Film Maker
Proficiency: Veg & Non-Veg
Ad film maker Rajat Nagpal has worked with numerous bollywood directors and has also won many awards for his short films. He has made over 100 ad films & now wants a change in life as he is very bored of making ad films. Having reached stagnation in life this jack of all trades now wants to master one skill - cooking. This talented professional has been cooking since the age of six and he wanted to show his abilities as a cook which brought him to MasterChef.

His aim in life is to start an art-cafĂ© where all forms of art come under one roof. “I wanted a year to prepare for MasterChef but luck brought me here this year. Since last six months I have put my career on hold for this show.” He wants to bridge the gap between professional cooking & hobby cooking through MasterChef. He doesn’t believe in altering or experiment with traditional dishes like gajjar halwa etc.

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Puneet Mehta

Puneet Mehta
Age: 44
City: Hyderabad
Occupation: Event Organiser
Proficiency: Veg & Non-Veg
Determined to prove that age has no limit, 44 year old Puneet Mehta is an Out Of Control Punjabi who cooks as a hobby. He started cooking at the age of 10-12 out of necessity. Later he began cooking regularly after marriage as his wife would be at work in the mornings. As he cooks daily for his family, his son too got hooked to cooking. Now, aspiring to become a chef, Puneet wants to ease the way for him.

“Being in MasterChef will give me an identity, and it will be easier for me to establish myself in the future.” He wants to open up a reasonable, budget eatery. He appears to intend promoting good Punjabi food, and connected instantly with Chef Vikas. A fun loving, jolly man he is enjoying his experience as opposed to his event management job which is a high pressured one. He claims, however his time management skills from his job will help him in this endeavour.

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Jyoti Arora

Jyoti Arora
Age: 40
City: Amritsar
Occupation: Housewife
Proficiency: Veg & Non-Veg
A typical sweet Punjabi housewife, Jyoti has been cooking since 29 years. Her husband, kids and mother-in-law are her biggest support and they relish her food. She claims to be calm under pressure, which she says came with experience. Jyoti is confident of her cooking & articulate. She innovates and experiments a lot and has learnt most of her cooking from her mother.

Jyoti is an expert in Punjabi, Kashmiri & Continental cuisine and believes everyone in the world likes Indian food. “I wasn’t confident during auditions but once I saw the question paper and got through the interview, I knew this was the place to be and I would make my way to the top.” Jyoti is in MasterChef to prove her talent and learn more about the art of cooking. She hopes housewives learn how to be creative with food – especially while feeding their family and kids.

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Joseph Rozario

Joseph Rozario
Age: 25
City: Siliguri
Occupation: Taekwondo professional
Proficiency: Veg & Non-Veg
Shy, cute and sweet Joseph is inspired by his father’s struggle as a cook and he wants to showcase his talent on a big platform & make his dad proud. Joseph is living his dad’s dream and wants to fulfill it, as his own dream in life. “My dad worked hard all his life to take care of us and now it is my turn to give him some happiness. Participating in MasterChef has been a big dream and accomplishment for me.”Joseph is a gold medalist in martial arts, black belt Tae Kwando.

He is very calm, confident & sorted in the kitchen and has a thorough knowledge of his craft. Joseph wants to open his restaurant so that he can make his dad proud. He wants to gift it to his dad & name it Gravecourt of Rozarios. Never having worked with fancy kitchen equipment, Joseph is in awe of most available tools in the kitchen. “We had a makeshift oven at home assembled by hand so it is marvelous to work in such a well equipped kitchen.”

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Hiral Agrawal

Hiral Agrawal
Age: 28
City: Gorakhpur, U.P
Occupation: Language Trainer/ Freelancer
Proficiency: Calls herself a corrupted Vegetarian
Enterprising, super confident and vibrant Hiral is a 28 year old teacher from Gorakhpur, who loves to bring her enthusiasm for life in her cooking. “I hope and want my positive energy and jolly nature to reflect in my dishes.” She has travelled extensively and been to Gujarat, Nigeria, Barabanki, Lucknow, Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Australia & Gorakhpur. A modern day woman, Hiral has tremendous support from her husband. She loves mix n match cooking but doesn’t cook non-veg, though she calls herself a corrupted vegetarian. She used to be a vegetarian but is now an eggitarian.

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Dolcee Pratik Bachkaniwala

Dolcee Pratik Bachkaniwala
Age: 26
City: Surat
Occupation: Runs a jewellery business
Proficiency: Veg & Non-Veg

Having been taught that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, Dolcee learnt cooking since the age of 9. Post marriage, she was the only woman in her house, and as her in-laws loved food and giving parties, she ended up cooking a lot and experimenting with health food. 26 year old Dolcee hails from Surat, has studied engineering, runs a jewellery business from home and is passionate about cooking.

“I practiced for MasterChef by plating dishes at home. I don’t like to read much but I would read recipe books by the dozen.” Sweet & pleasant, Dolcee has a 2 and half year old son and wants to be known for her cooking. With her family’s support, she feels confident about her talent. A pasta lover she experiments and invents a lot, mostly revolving around pasta. Staying away from her family especially her young son is hard on her and him as well but she says, “No pain no gain. I do feel very bad for my son but the chefs have been generous to allow me to bring my son for a few days to Mumbai, and that has helped both of us a lot.”

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Devika Narula

Devika Narula - Eliminated
Age: 20
City: Delhi
Occupation: Student
Proficiency: Veg & Non-Veg

20 year old Devika is a single student from Delhi with a zest for cooking. Totally confident, this young girl wants to prove herself with her abilities and talent to her family and the world. Hailing from a rich family, she wants to establish her identity, earn the right to be a called a good cook and explore her skills as well. Persistent, Devika tried last year too but wasn’t selected. This season, she is mighty excited to be on the show.

“My sister has created a career for herself by opening her own clothes store but I am still in the process of finding myself.” She wants to explore her capabilities as a chef and is inspired by her mother to a certain extent regarding cooking. She is extremely proud of cooking ‘no-bake’ cheese cakes as they are lighter.

Master Chef India 2 Episode - 12-Nov-2011

Master Chef Episode on 12-Nov-2011 was shot outside Master Chef kitchen. It was shot in Jodhpur palace. Master Chef India contestants were asked to cook food for a royal marriage. This was their first group task. The Master Chef India contestants were divided into two groups. One group had all the females and other group had all the males. Each group was given 3 hours to cook for 500 quests for royal wedding.

Female team consisted of :

  1. Dolcee Pratik Bachkaniwala ( Captain )
  2. Hiral Agrawal
  3. Jyoti Arora
  4. Salma Shazia Fathima
  5. Shipra Khanna
  6. Vijaylaxmi
Male team consisted of :
  1. Shahzad Variava ( Captain )
  2. Joseph Rozario
  3. Puneet Mehta
  4. Rajat Nagpal
  5. Rajendra Narayan Mane
Each group were asked to make 3 starters. Each guests were asked to vote for each of the starters.

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Steel and India

India is 5th largest producer of steel.

Below is steel producing procedure :


Raw materials for 1 tonne of steel :

Raw Material Quantity in tonne
Iron Ore 1.7-2
Coal 1.3-1.5
Coke 0.5-0.7
Power 500-650 kwh

Steel Products :

Flat Products HR Coil , CR Coil , GP / GC Sheets etc.
Used primarily in auto industry
Long Products Wine rods , Bars etc.
Used primarily in construction industry

India Top Steel Producers :
  1.  SAIL
  2. Tata Steel
  3. JSW Steel
  4. Ispat Industries
  5. Jindal Steel & Power
  6. Bhushan Steel


Small town India makes it big - via reality TV

The reel life story of 'slumdog millionaire' became real when Sushil Kumar went from being a computer operator earning Rs.6,000 a month to a millionaire many times over by winning Rs.5 crore ($1 million) on "Kaun Banega Crorepati".
The 27-year-old from Motihari in Bihar, who went from oblivion to fame and wealth in a matter of 13 questions on the fifth season of the quiz show, is the latest in the many talents from small town or village

Last month, The Suresh & Vernon Group ( The group of 30 youngsters from Mumbai suburbs like Vasai, Virar and Nala Sopara were from lower middle class backgrounds ) won "India's Got Talent 3".

Another rags to riches story was of the Prince Dance Troupe from Berhampur, Orissa. The unlikely stars, including daily wage labourers and two polio-stricken children, won an earlier season of "India's Got Talent" and even got to perform at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games.

The trend began in the late 1990s with shows such as "Meri Awaz Suno" on Doordarshan and Zee TV's "Hero Honda Sa Re Ga Ma". Singers like Sunidhi Chauhan and Shreya Ghosal first showcased their talent on these shows before going on to make it big in Bollywood, the ultimate dream of every artist.

Thanks to their success stories, reality shows became a rage in small towns. More aspirational than just an entertainment show.

Many talents found their spot in the sun - Sony's "Indian Idol" turned Abhijeet Sawant into a celebrity post his win while the second season winner Sandeep Acharya from Bikaner in Rajasthan too became well-known. There was also Prashant Tamang from Darjeeling, Amit Paul from Shillong, Emon Chatterjee from Kolkata and Antara Mitra from Maslandapur in West Bengal.

Debojit Saha, a struggling singer from Silchar, Assam, got a new lease of life after winning Zee's "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa", as did Raja Hassan, Tochi Raina and Harshit Saxena.

With time, reality shows have become bigger and better with "X-Factor", "Dance India Dance" and "MasterChef India" vying for TRPs along with the staple prime time soaps.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

England in India T20 Match 2011/12 ( Date Time and Match )

Sat oct 29,2011
09:00 GMT | 14:30 Local 22:30 IST
One-off Twenty20 International
Eden Gardens, Kolkata

Score Card
1st Innings
120/9 in 20.0 Overs
Run Rate: 6
2nd Innings
121/4 in 18.4 Overs
Run Rate: 6.48
England beat India by 6 wickets

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Hindu Calendar Tithi - 03 November 2011

Hindu Calendar Tithi - 03 November 2011


Tithi - Ashtami Shukla
Nakshatra - Shravana
Yoga - Ganda
Karan - Balava
Vaar - Brihaspativara


Hindu Calendar Tithi - 02 November 2011

Hindu Calendar Tithi - 02 November 2011


Tithi - Saptami Shukla
Nakshatra - Uttarashadha
Yoga - Dhriti
Karan - Visti ( Bhadra )
Vaar - Buddhavara


Hindu Calendar Tithi - 01 November 2011

Hindu Calendar Tithi - 01 November 2011


Tithi  - Shasti Shukla
Nakshatra - Poorvashadha
Yoga - Sukarma
Karan - Garaja
Vaar - Mangalavara



Last Race: 30th OCTIndian Grand Prix

Last Race: 30th OCT  - Indian Grand Prix

Sebastian Vettel
Jenson Button
Fernando Alonso

Driver Team Pos Laps Time
Sebastian Vettel  Red Bull  1 n 30:35.0
Jenson Button  McLaren  2 n 8.433
Fernando Alonso  Ferrari  3 n 24.301
Mark Webber  Red Bull  4 n 25.529
Michael Schumacher  Mercedes GP  5 n 65.421
Nico Rosberg  Mercedes GP  6 n 66.851
Lewis Hamilton  McLaren  7 n 84.183
Jaime Alguersuari  Toro Rosso  8 y +1 LAP
Adrian Sutil  Force India  9 y +1 LAP
Sergio Perez  Sauber  10 y +1 LAP
Vitaly Petrov  Renault  11 y +1 LAP
Bruno Senna  Renault  12 y +1 LAP
Paul di Resta  Force India  13 y +1 LAP
Heikki Kovalainen  Team Lotus  14 y +2 LAPS
Rubens Barrichello  Williams  15 y +2 LAPS
Jerome d'Ambrosio  Virgin Racing  16 y +3 LAPS
Narain Karthikeyan  HRT F1  17 y +3 LAPS
Daniel Ricciardo  HRT F1  18 y +3 LAPS
Jarno Trulli  Team Lotus  19 y +5 LAPS
Felipe Massa  Ferrari  20   Suspension
Sebastien Buemi  Toro Rosso  21   Engine
Pastor Maldonado  Williams  22   Gearbox
Timo Glock  Virgin Racing  23   Accident
Kamui Kobayashi  Sauber  24   Accident

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