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Yoga - Meditation for Beginners - Getting Started with CHIT SHAKTI MEDITATIONS by Isha

Yoga - Meditation for Beginners - Getting Started with CHIT SHAKTI MEDITATIONS by Isha

Meditation gives you space between you and your body, between you and your mind. Whatever suffering human beings have known, it has either entered them through the body or through the mind. Do you know any other kind of suffering? There are only two kinds of suffering, isn’t it? Once you have a distance from these two things – this is the end of suffering. Once the fear of suffering is taken away, only then you’re willing to venture into other dimensions of life; otherwise no matter what I tell you, you’re only looking for safety.

It is important to understand WHY before starting off with a habit of meditation.
Refer Isha link to understand What is purpose of meditation from  - Link

Let’s get started with the new habit of meditation  : CHIT SHAKTI MEDITATIONS by Isha:

There are four practices CHIT SHAKTI MEDITATIONS by Isha. You can spread and do one practise each day. Each meditation only lasts 20 minutes, so you can easily incorporate it into your existing schedule.
The names of the meditations are as follows:
Day 1: LOVE
Day 4 : PEACE

Then you can repeat these practices Day 5 onwards

Please make a record of how you feel before, during and after the meditation. Please describe the experience as elaborately as possible, and try to feel and involve yourself completely for those 20 minutes. Do not force anything. If thoughts come to your mind, it’s fine. Don’t be under the impression that thoughts shouldn’t come. Just try as much as possible to focus on what is being told.  Please leave a comment on this blog post.

It’s preferable to do these practices in a room where nobody will disturb you. So, you could do it after your bath in the morning or evening ideally.

You could even do it twice a day or for relief when you’re extremely stressed and tired.

And ideally, don’t meditate after a meal. There should be atleast 2-3 hours gap between your last meal and the meditation. Snacks or stuff like tea/coffee is fine since that won’t make your stomach full.

Thanks to Isha

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