Saturday, November 12, 2011

Master Chef India 2 Contestant - Shahzad Variava

Shahzad Variava
Age: 26
City: Mumbai
Occupation: HR
Proficiency: Veg & Non-Veg

Shahzad began cooking as a kid because he didn’t have an option but to feed himself. Soon he found joy in cooking. A man of many passions, he works as HR in Pan India foods, loves dancing in Shiamak's troupe, jogging and swimming. He likes cooking Chinese and Italian and wants to open his own bakery. His cooking relies heavily on baking as Shahzad thinks about bakery and bakery alone. His specialty is Ferrero Rocher Brownies as well as snickers brownies.

This determined Parsi lost the chance to be part of MasterChef last year as he couldn’t speak Hindi. He learnt the language and tried once again this year and is now in the top 12. This 26 year old is persistent because he is in search of his identity. The youngest in the house, he wants to make a name of his own as women are given preference in his house over men. “I can’t explain it but while inventing dishes I don’t delve too much on the pros and cons. I simply mix and match two items and serve it and thankfully they work well.”

He is very confident about his abilities though he feels the bar has been raised this season.

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